Wednesday, January 11, 2006

First in a series of many

I am back, after a not-so-brief hiatus. What has it been, like, 8 months, since my last post? In fact, I wonder now - what have I been doing all this while? Let's see... It has been mostly work, work, work (and I still don't know what and why!!); I have been to a work-related conference in Boston in June '05; I have seen a few interesting and a few disgusting movies; and oh, of course, I was out of the country for about 3 weeks in December '05.

I have seen so many blogs written regularly by people on such diverse topics, including cookery, hardware and software discussions, movie critiques, demented projects, self-promotion, and such like. Often I do enjoy reading them. But alas! When it comes to maintaining my personal journal, I am notoriously inconsistent. Contrived self-expression does not come to me at all, and I guess I lead a fairly dull, monotonous and monochromatic, very middle-class existence, quite unlike most of my younger friends, for whom the world is a playground and the day does not end till wee hours of the morning, and things are always happening to and around them, their friends, their friends' friends...

I have a few young friends whose ever-growing, Net-enhanced friend-circle encompasses a diverse range of people, from the 'frankly-weird' to the 'highly-sophisticated' - often including individuals whom they have never met or spoken to! "Give me my few good ones," I say, "and I am happy."

Some blogger read my blog and left a comment inviting me to read his blog. I wanted to thank him, but there is no link for commenting on his blog - which was a nice chronicle to read, and I have no idea how to communicate with him. Ah, well! If he reads this post, he'd know.

Adios, mis amigas y amigos. Hasta que nos encontremos otra vez.


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