Saturday, December 27, 2008

How much longer should sane individuals tolerate this abomination?

Forget about religious and ideological differences... Let's just consider reason and sanity - the plain old garden-variety consideration for fellow-beings and good sense. Why are these pathetic individuals so devoid of it? And why are the so-called Moderate Muslims all over the world - followers of the religion that supposedly preaches universal brotherhood and peace and amity amongst men - tolerating this arrant nonsense?

I am, of course, reacting to a news report in today's BBC Newsdesk's South Asia section. Taleban militants in the Swat valley in north-west Pakistan have threatened to kill girls who attend school. According to the BBC correspondent,

A local Taleban commander ordered parents to stop sending their daughters to school by 15 January. In comments broadcast on an illegal radio station, he threatened to blow up schools which enrolled female students. This year alone, Taleban militants have destroyed more than 130 schools in the Swat valley. They want to bring in Islamic sharia law in the region. Militant attacks on schools in the region have deprived more than 17,000 students of education.

Taleban militats want the ultra-conservative religious laws to be instituted in the region and they are willing to shed more innocent blood for it. So long hung-up on State-run schools, the Taleban have now threatened to target private schools, issuing a complete ban on girls attending them.

Locals say the ongoing attacks on schools have dealt a severe blow to education of girls and young women in the Swat valley. Those who can afford it have already moved out of the region, but the poor have no other option than keeping their daughters at home, our correspondent says.

If this is not insanity, what is?

The State of Pakistan is busy posturing against India by moving troops to its Eastern border, and is unlikely to - or more likely, is unable to - raise a finger against these insurgent elements. Isn't it, therefore, time - hasn't enough innocent blood been shed already - for the so-called champions of moderation in Islam, as well as the allegedly intelligent and peace-loving Islamic leaders all over the world, to stand up and decry in unison this vile abomination, this pernicious insanity, called Taleban?

Being an atheist, I am acutely aware of the evils of organized religions; however, I largely believe in freedom of expression and in tolerance. But surely tolerance has its limit? Isn't there a single voice of sanity in the Islamic world to protest against this craziness?

Tom Friedman asked a closely similar question in NY Times. But is there anyone who would answer?

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Blogger geek goddess said...

This is nothing but liberal cowardice. Please read Vir Sanghvi's editorial on the same.

Thu Sep 03, 12:31:00 PM EDT  

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