Sunday, April 24, 2005

A night of culture... for a change!

Last night, my wife and I caught a late night show in the city, my first experience of something known as an 'improv' theater - shows improvised on-the-spot. The place was called Upright Citizens Brigade theater at 307 W 26th and 8th Avenue [Google Map here]. It is the basement of some building, I guess, complete with sitting arrangements, lights and sound system - and yes, a clean loo.

Those of you who like stand up comedy would certainly love this show. The one we went in was called Mother (for whatever reason), which they have on Saturdays at 10.30 pm, and it was hilarious. They ask you to bring your favorite music, on CDs, MP3 players, Ipods and so forth, and use a mix of those as the backdrop of their comedy routine. Well, the comedy can be called anything but 'routine'. All the actors (male and female) are on the stage at all times, standing at the back - no costumes, just ordinary clothing - waiting their turn, while two or three of them are involved in the scene of the moment. The scenes change rapidly, and the generously ad-libbed dialogs are quick, witty, unpredictable and oh, yes! completely irreverent.

The tickets, we bought them on the spot, are quite cheap - $5 to $8 for most shows. Check it out, next time you are in the city. You nerds need a drip of contemporary culture anyway...

Jus' kiddin'. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant before the show. It's called Meskerem, at 47th between 9th and 10th Avenues. Pretty good food, quite palatable for our South East Asian taste buds. Try the meat combos if you chance upon the place.

BTW, check out Google maps. It is A-mazing! Type in any address on the search bar and click it. It is a clean display, but what makes it amazing is the satellite imagery which Google has licensed from EarthSat - which you get by clicking on 'satellite' (duh!). It is extremely detailed. Check out our school's location here.

Till next time, dudes and dudettes, peace, love and good food. Ciao.